You can use mediation and arbitration to solve a wide range of disputes, not just ones related to family law. At Capital Mediation & Arbitration, we use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to help clients of all types settle difficult conflicts outside of the court system.

We use mediation and arbitration to resolve conflicts involving:  


From contract claims to real estate transactions, our mediators and arbitrators can settle business disputes before they ruin a company. We’ve dealt with issues involving closing a partnership, commercial problems, insurance claims, and more.


Claims of discrimination, wage and hour violations, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and other employment issues can be resolved with ADR. We help employers and employees solve their problems confidentially, without risk of ruining the employer’s or employees’ professional reputation.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Landlords and tenants frequently argue over rent, repairs, security deposits, lease agreements, lockouts, and evictions. Let Capital help you nip any issues in the bud, so the landlord stays profitable and the tenant has a safe place to live.

Consumer Problems

Are you having issues with warranties, refunds, or repairs? Did you have a dispute with a sales representation or were unfairly charged for a purchase?

Small Claims

If you’re having issues with debt recovery, accident claims, service disputes, property conflicts, or other disputes you might bring to small claims court, settle them with Capital Mediation & Arbitration instead. In a few short hours, we’ll help you resolve your disputes instead of waiting for a court date.

Personal Injury

If you were injured in an accident – or someone is accusing you of causing them hard – let one of our mediators or arbitrators ensure each side gets full and fair compensation. Types of accidents settled by ADR include motor vehicle crashes, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and more.

Construction Problems

When issues arise between customers and contractors, C.A.M. aims to solve all problems quickly and efficiently. There may be conflicts regarding payment, architectural plans, faulty construction, abandonment of projects, and more.

At C.A.M., we take pride in finding the best resolutions possible to all legal disputes at hand. We never try to rush a compromise or recommend a settlement that both parties do not agree with. Our team of skilled mediators and arbitrators has handled a wide variety of conflict cases and are ready to tackle even seemingly insurmountable issues.

 If you have questions about how ADR works in New York or how Capital can help you, contact us today at 855-422-8555. Our staff is ready to take your call and provide our assistance. 

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