Our Strengths

Our Vision


At C.A.M., we were tired of seeing broken homes and fighting couples. Our goal is to navigate you through the divorce process while reducing the financial and emotional strain. 

We strive to facilitate effective conflict resolution through mediation and arbitration. We aim to help you feel  comfortable and confident by answering all questions, addressing all concerns, and representing you and your children's best interests. 


Unlike public court records, mediation and arbitration is confidential. We protect you and you family's privacy from start to finish.              

Preserving Emotional Health

Divorce isn't easy. At C.A.M., we want to ease the emotional and mental toll divorce takes. You are under enough stress. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders. 

Cost Reduction

Divorce can be extremely costly. We know couples who have depleted their retirement kids' college savings over unnecessary litigation. Arbitration and mediation is far less expensive.